Learn how to protect your online privacy and security

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Have you ever searched for a product online, only to find you're still seeing adverts for that product across lots of different websites you visit?

That's because every time we use the web our activities are being monitored, recorded and sold without our consent so that companies can display targeted advertising and sell your data.

Through this monitoring companies can assemble a very detailed picture of our lives - not just our shopping habits but also any health issues we are experiencing as well as our political views and so much more.

Unfortunately, it is also often the case that governments in the UK and elsewhere engage in this tracking also. When whole populations are tracked in this way it is called mass surveillance. Mass surveillance damages our fundamental human rights to privacy and free speech and is bad for our democracy.

Fortunately, there are some basic steps you can take to reclaim your online privacy without having to totally change the way you use the internet.

Bring your smartphone and laptop with you and we’ll show you how you can automatically block tracking and boost your online security by making a couple of simple changes to your web browser. We’ll also show you other easy-to-use tools for protecting your privacy, including swapping WhatsApp for the free and open source Signal private messaging app and using the anonymity enhancing Tor browser.

Volunteers will also be on hand to help you protect your laptop, tablet or phone from other risks such as computer viruses and prevent people hacking your email and social media accounts.