De-Google-ify your life!


Last week, the EU handed Google a record-breaking €2.42bn (£2.14bn) fine for abusing its dominance of the search engine market in building its online shopping service.

Following the EU ruling, you might be wondering what you can do to reduce your dependence on Google services and, in so doing, take steps to increase your privacy. Join us on 24 July for a special workshop where we'll be offering free practical advice for replacing (or at least supplementing) Google services with independent services which do a better job of respecting your privacy and reduce your dependence on the internet giant.

Some examples of how you can De-Google-ify your life

Google Chrome is slick and powerful but did you know it tracks your your activities, even when you're not logged into your Google account? The Firefox browser ( is developed by the non-profit Mozilla and a global community of contributors. Firefox also won't drain your battery as quickly as Chrome does (

Uncomfortable with Google having every email you've sent or received since the year dot?

Protonmail ( has been developed by scientists from CERN and MIT and is on a mission to improve the security and privacy of email without compromising on usability.

Fed up with Google recording everything you search for online? DuckDuckGo ( doesn't store your personal information and won't follow you around the web.