• Chris Pounder - An informed data subjects' view of the Data Protection Act 2018
    Dr Chris Pounder is an established information law trainer. The event will see Chris provide an informed data subjects view of the UK's Data Protection 2018. He will also grapple with the question "does the change in law matter, or do they just make companies rewrite their privacy policies and continue doing what they always have?" The event will be a lively discussion and Chris' expertise and insight developed over years in the information law space should give anyone with an interest, or a concern, about data protection plenty to think about. Come along with your questions for Chris. The event is co-hosted with the NO2ID and ORG would like to thank NO2ID for their support. All are welcome. You don't need to be a data protection expert to attend (we already have one of those!) you just need to care about technology and rights and be ready to have a conversation.

    Quaker Meeting House

    7 Victoria Terrace · Edinburgh EH1 2JL

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  • Biometrics in Scotland: Is improving oversight enough?
    Police Scotland holds 1,000,000+ photographs. Many of these records are of innocent people. Something needs to change. Police Scotland also hold 300,000 DNA profiles and 400,000 fingerprint records. The Scottish Government has proposed a Biometric Data Bill that would enhance oversight of biometric data in Scotland. Join Open Rights Group for a discussion on enhanced oversight of biometrics in Scotland. Do the proposals go far enough? Will the public have more power over the use of their biometric data? What should the public look out for in the proposals and how can they support enhanced oversight? We will be joined by John Scott QC, author of the Independent Advisory Group report on the use of biometrics in Scotland. John will discuss what he has learned as a result of the report, his attitude towards biometrics in the criminal justice space, and what the future may hold. All are welcome, you don't need to be an expert in computer science (or forensic science!). You just need to care about the effect technology has on your human rights.

    The Melting Pot

    5 Rose Street, EH2 2PR · Edinburgh

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  • ORG Social w/ Chief Operations Officer Martha Dark
    Come join us for an ORG social as Martha Dark our Chief Operations Officer is in Edinburgh. Learn about Martha's work, plans for expanding existing projects and new ideas too. Also catch up generally on the work ORG is doing across the UK. Casual, informal, no barrier to entry. You don't need to be a technological professional or anything, you just need to care or have an interest about technology and human rights.

    The Royal Dick

    Summerhall, 1 Summerhall Edinburgh, EH9 1PL · Edinburgh

  • Modern Threats to Free Speech Online
    Could new plans to make Britain "the safest place in the world to be online" have unintended consequences? Hear from ORG campaigns manager Mike Morel, legal officer Alex Haydock, and ORG organiser Cian Heasley about how the Government is working with social media companies to decide acceptable standards for online content. Learn how heavy fines encourage the use of not-so-smart filters that can silence free speech, and how murky definitions of 'harmful content' give social media companies unprecedented control over free expression. No experience is necessary to attend this FREE event.

    The Beehive Inn

    Grassmarket · Edinburgh

  • Open Rights Group Scotland - Plans for 2018
    Join Open Rights Group's Scotland Director Matthew Rice in Edinburgh to hear about Scotland's unique challenges to digital rights including proposals for unsafe E-voting, the use of biometrics in policing, and Scotland's online ID system. We'll also discuss ORG's plans for 2018 and how you can get involved. No need to have been to a meetup before or have any expertise in any field. All you need to do is care about how technology and rights interact, and be interested to learn more and possibly contribute. Join us!

    Edinburgh Napier University, Merchiston Campus

    10 Colinton Road · Edinburgh

  • ORG Edinburgh Social w/ ORG Policy Director Javier Ruiz
    Open Rights Group's Policy Director Javier Ruiz is visiting Edinburgh. Let's meet to hang out and discuss some of the work he is leading on, catch up on other areas of work, and discuss news and topics of interest. Casual, informal, no barrier to entry. You don't need to be a technological professional or anything, you just need to care or have an interest about technology and human rights.

    The Beehive Inn

    Grassmarket · Edinburgh

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  • Free Screening: The Internet's Own Boy
    Open Rights Group are hosting a free screening of the documentary The Internet's Own Boy. The Internet’s Own Boy tells the life story of programmer, writer, political and internet activist Aaron Swartz, an internet pioneer and free speech campaigner. Aaron Swartz was involved in the development of Creative Commons, Reddit and the campaign against the Stop Online Piracy Act. It was Swartz’s ground-breaking work in social justice and political organising combined with his aggressive approach to information access that ensnared him in a two-year legal nightmare. The Internet’s Own Boy asks questions about academic freedom, corporate power, and the impact one person can have on society. This film is a personal story about what we lose when we are tone deaf about technology and its relationship to our civil liberties. Following the screening, Scotland Director Matthew Rice will be available to discuss the work of Open Rights Group in more detail and give information about how to get involved in initiatives in Edinburgh, Scotland and across the UK. Tickets and registration are available here! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/free-screening-the-internets-own-boy-tickets-38073401569

    Red Lecture Theatre

    1 Summerhall · Edinburgh

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  • Scotland's Identity System
    The Scottish Government's Digital Strategy had articulated a simple aim: ‘Work with stakeholders, privacy interests and members of the public to develop a robust, secure and trustworthy mechanism by which an individual member of the public can demonstrate their identity online. ' But nothing is that simple. On 5 October, Open Rights Group and other privacy interest groups will be meeting with the Scottish Government to discuss the proposals. This public event, hosted by Open Rights Group and the Open Government Network, is for people to come and learn the history of identity debates in Scotland and the UK, the current situation and status of government proposals, and discuss people's concerns before meeting with the Government. 3 diverse speakers will be giving their input across the evening: John Welford - No2ID - Discussing the historical aspect of ID sytems and the concerns of badly designed systems. Matthew Rice - Open Rights Group - Discussing the current legal and policy landscape that a system will have to meet. Alex Stobart - Mydex - Presenting Mydex's vision of a person-centred solution There will be oppportunity throughout to discuss the issues raised. This meeting is co-hosted between Open Rights Group and Open Government Network (http://www.opengovernment.org.uk/), a coalition of active citizens and civil society organisations committed to making government work better for people through transparency, participation and accountability. The Open Government Network posting for the event is here. (https://www.meetup.com/Scotland-Open-Government-Meetup/events/243769509/)

    The Granary,

    32-34 Shore, Leith · Edinburgh

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  • ORG Edinburgh Social
    ORG Edinburgh Social at the Royal Dick. Let's meet-up hang out, discuss the news and upcoming projects. Casual, informal, no barrier to entry. You don't need to be a technological professional or anything, you just need to care or have an interest about technology and human rights.

    Royal Dick pub at Summerhall

    Summerhall Place · Edinburgh

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  • Forward planning for Fresher’s and beyond
    Hi all, Come join ORG Edinburgh to discuss plans for the free screening of Internet’s Own Boy in mid-late September, get updates from Scotland Director Matthew Rice on current activities, and suggest topics and events for forthcoming public meetings. No need to be an events organising pro, just willing to commit some time and interested in helping reach out to new ORG supporters. We’ll all head to the pub afterwards - probably The Royal Dick- for some more informal chatter. See you there!

    CODESK Meeting Room

    TechCube, EH9 1PL · Edinburgh

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