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Osho is known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, with an approach to meditation that acknowledges the accelerated pace of contemporary life.

What we will be doing??

We will explore contemporary master Osho's vision through meditation,celebration and self exploration!

All are to join regular workshops,meditation intensives,weekend meet ups and retreats!

Let's learn art of living with more awarness,playfulness and with freedom with responsibility

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What is Meditation?


"Meditation is not anything of the mind, it is something beyond the mind. The first step is to be playful about it. If you are playful about it, mind cannot destroy your meditation. Otherwise it will turn it into another ego trip; it will make you very serious. You will start thinking, 'I am a great meditator. I am holier than other people, and the whole world is just worldly – I am religious, I am virtuous.' That's what has happened to thousands of so-called saints, moralists, puritans: they are just playing ego games, subtle ego games.

"Hence I want to cut the very root of it from the very beginning. Be playful about it. It is a song to be sung, a dance to be danced. Take it as fun and you will be surprised: if you can be playful about meditation, meditation will grow in leaps and bounds. But you are not hankering after any goal; you are just enjoying sitting silently, just enjoying the very act of sitting silently – not that you are longing for some yogic powers, siddhis, miracles. All that is nonsense, the same old nonsense, the same old game, played with new words, on a new plane....

"Life as such has to be taken as a cosmic joke – and then suddenly you relax because there is nothing to be tense about. And in that very relaxation, something starts changing in you – a radical change, a transformation – and the small things of life starts having new meaning, new significance. Then nothing is small, everything starts taking on a new flavor, a new aura; one starts feeling a kind of godliness everywhere. One does not become a Christian, does not become a Hindu, does not become a Mohammedan; one simply becomes a lover of life. One learns only one thing, how to rejoice in life.

"But rejoicing in life is the way towards God. Dance your way to God, laugh your way to god, sing your way to God!"

Osho - excerpts from the book What is Meditation?

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Aha Life: Wellness Retreat in Himalaya!


We are back with the most awaited retreat of the year. In the majestic beauty of Dharamshala, this wellness retreat is designed to help all aspects of your well being, emotional wellness, physical wellness, social wellness, spiritual wellness, and more. We will explore a nature site in the heart of Dhulandhar Himalaya range, where one can connect with nature and tune in with their self for a deep meditative experience. Facilitated by the life and wellness coach Shallu Annand, the retreat will include various programmes of Awareness Exercises, Meditation, Integrated Healing Therapies, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Gentle Trekking, Healthy Meals, Visits to Buddhist Monastery, and more. When we are rejuvenated from inside, it reflects on our outside beauty too! With this wellness retreat, you will emerge more empowered and recharged from within. Detailed Itinerary: https://www.oceanofharmony.org/retreatinhimalaya Register before 5th March and get an exciting early bird discount! Book now on https://allevents.in/dharamsala/20002837744878 Last day for registrations: 20th March For further details email us on [masked] www.oceanofharmony.org

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