Learnings from Securing an AWS environment + Lightning talks

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This month's meetup will feature numerous talks. The talks will commence with Christo Goosen giving a talk titled "What I learned trying to secure an AWS environment". Thereafter there will be an opportunity for lightning talks.

Lightning talks are typically 5 minutes long. If you've been considering giving an Information Security talk but haven't worked your way up to a full length talk yet, then this can be a great way to get started.


There are two parking levels, each with a separate entrance. There are VOSS marked bays each with an A4 size sign in both parking levels. Which level to park in basically comes down to which one has more free bays, which is hard to predict.

One entrance (to the upper parking) is up the ramp past the fountain. Turn right once you go through the boom. Just keep turning right.

The other entrance (to the lower parking) is down the ramp (opposite Discovery entrance). Go through the boom, drive straight for a little bit and then turn right (there is no other option). Drive all the way to the end. Then just keep turning right.

At the boom you should buzz security and tell them that you're coming to see VOSS.

More details to follow.