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Azure Cloud Native Security Workshop LIVE

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Azure Cloud Native Security Workshop LIVE


Azure Cloud Security Workshop
Hosted by Tanya Janca, Nancy Gariché and Orin Thomas.

Have you ever wondered how security is different ‘in the cloud’? How are Cloud Security and the “Cloud Native” approach different than a traditional data center? How can you see what’s going on with your resources? How do you patch? Where can you see your server configs other important information? How do you manage a security incident? How do you even know that you have an incident?

This workshop has four parts:
1) Importing an ARM template into Azure
2) Group discussion of how cloud-native security is different than traditional data centre security (while ARM template loads)
3) Demo of Azure Security Centre
4) Audience members investigate issues and mitigate security issues, in Azure, as a group

The demo will include:
• Importing an ARM template into Azure
• Complete Azure Security Centre walkthrough
• Policy and compliance, including subscription coverage
• Resource Security Hygiene
• Azure Security Centre Recommendations (mitigation of one or more items, dependent on time)
• Threat Protection, Alerts and Logging
• Applying System Updates

Audience Participation
(people who do not have a laptop can follow along with the teacher)
• Load Azure Labs into your trial subscription
• Upgrade Security Centre to “Standard” coverage
• Check your security configurations and settings to ensure your apps are safe
• Implement some of the recommendations
• Force HTTPS
• Turn on Threat protection
• Perform an SQL Injection, then investigate
• More as time permits.

What you will need if you want to participate after the demo:
▪ A laptop running any modern operating system (Mac OS, Windows, Linux)
▪ Modern web browser (Edge, Chrome, FireFox)
▪ Wi-fi and internet
▪ **An activated Azure Trial.** Please activate your trial before the workshop. The workshop will not wait if you have not activated your trail.

To activate your free Azure trail for this workshop, please go here:

** If you have previously used your free Azure Trail you will not be able to have another one for this workshop.
**You will need to use a credit card to activate your trial, but the trial itself is free for 30 days, up to $200. We will use up to $30 of your credit with this workshop.

Stream online with us here:
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