Compliance as Code - The Why, What and How

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For our first live session this month, Mario Platt is our guest!

Join our discussion about the origins and approaches to Compliance as Code from its strategic implications and benefits, different frameworks and languages to do it, pre-requisites to doing it and hands-on lab using Chef Inspec to start integrating it into CI/CD pipelines to validate Compliance against ASVS, CIS and other standards.

Join us for a LIVE demo on Sunday, March 8th, 2020 at 1 PM EST on our YouTube Channel (Live):

With over 20 years of security experience, and with roles spanning penetration testing, operations, engineering and Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, Mario is known for his strategic thinking and pragmatic approaches often bridging the communication gap between technical and governance professionals to enable real collaboration. In his consulting work, Mario typically works directly with everyone from C-suite executives to Developers and other front-line staff, helping develop and deliver security programmes.

You can find Mario on social media: