Reverse Engineering, Cracking, Compromising Software Security & Mitigations


OWASP NZ ( Christchurch is hosting this event. We're pleased to have Rob Gilmour: Senior Software Engineer, Technical Support at JADE Software Corporation Ltd talking on this topic.

Rob has 30+ Years cracking experience on Zialog Z80, Motorola 68000 & x86 Architectures, along with coding experience in Assembler, C++, C#, JADE, VB.

Presentation Topics

Think like a cracker, not like a developer.

• In order for you to develop stronger protection you need to understand how a cracker willapproach a target.

• What to do and what not to do. Your error messages provide too much information.

Common misconceptions, don’t be naïve, you’re not that good!

• I’m smarter

• Crackers are uncreative, unemployed and undisciplined

My custom crypto algo is better than “xyz”

I’ll only offer a demo version for public download

Why APPLE moving to Intel architecture has greatly assisted the cracker.

• Software compiled for both platforms has made the PC crackers job a lot easier. I will showyou why.

Grind the bastards down.

• A persistent cracker will almost always win. I’ll give you some help on playing the long gameso it will make their job so much more difficult.

RSA is a bad protection strategy.

• I’ll show you why RSA implemented outside a Server/Client relationship is pointless.

How did they do that?

• I’ll show how it’s done:

• - Keygenning

• - Patching

• - Bruteforce

• - Dumping a running target and rebuilding import table and relocation data

• - Serial fishing

• - Using a custom coded debugger for a specific target

• - Man-in-the-middle attacks

• - Dongle emulation, snooping

• - Loaders

• - Decompiling ASM, C++, C#

• - Installer injection

Online registered user benefits obtained by nefarious means.

Tighten up your web security, I can come through the front door too.

What matters to you?

Sell it or give it away.Is my time spent on protection productive or futile?

Big thanks to Dimension Data ( for providing the venue, network, and internet access.

BinaryMist ( Limited will be providing food and drinks.