Introduction to Ruby on Rails security


Tim Goddard is a security consultant and trainer at Aura Information Security. This session will be an introduction to web security concepts as applied to the popular web framework Ruby on Rails.

This session is suitable for beginners who haven't learnt much about web security, but know a bit about Ruby on Rails, and who want to make sure that their applications are secure against common web attacks such as the OWASP Top Ten.

Rails has built-in protections for some web attacks, but others require configuration or custom code. Tim will cover these, and edge cases that might trip you up.

Technology-willing, the session will be livestreamed and recorded, and available at this url from 6pm:

The venue is the Snapper office, on Level 11, 109 Willis St. Please arrive at 5:45pm for a 6pm start. If the lifts or doors are locked, there will be signage and someone to let you upstairs.