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Aloha ~ I am stepping in to keep this group going (temporarily) to see if the original founder wishes to reclaim it. Please consider joining my MeetUp group "Financing Real Estate Without Verifying Your Income" which has an upcoming meeting at the Hoakalei Country Club in Ewa Beach on Saturday, 10/26/2019 (details in the Upcoming Event Section below). Feel free to call on my 26 years of lending experience. Mahalo ~ Dan Desmarais | 808.489.4824.

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This group is for those who are wanting to start investing in real estate and build wealth. There is huge profit potential if you choose to join us! We have an extensive network of experienced investors and business owners sharing their experiences and knowledge with each other.

To be a part of the community you MUST be committed, open-minded, respectful, responsible, honest, and have a win-win mentality. Be able to share and contribute what you can to the community.

We have workshops/intensives every few months with experienced investors from the mainland and also weekly events!

Learn how to create multiple streams of income, increase the amount of tax deductions you can take, accelerate mortgages so you can start owning properties free and clear quicker, and earn MASSIVE passive income!

Looking forward to seeing you at our next event!

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BIA Home Building & Remodeling 2020 Big Show:

Neal S. Blaisdell Center

Waikiki Yacht Club Mortgage Workshop:

Waikiki Yacht Club

Ewa Beach Country Club Mortgage Workshop:

Hoakalei Country Club

CashFlow Investing 101

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