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3601 Waialae Ave · Honolulu, HI

How to find us

In the "vault" room, or the glass enclosed lanai. Ask for Hillarie, the Facilitator

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The Quest for Truth

What Is truth?

Dictionaries define truth as an actual state of matter or existence; conformity with reality; verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle; state or character of being true

Quantum theory disputes materialism, saying it is physically impossible to pin things down.

Personal truth can be based on the acceptance of ones perceptions and experiences.

What is spiritual Truth? Is there some eternal universal, unchangeable essence that underpins all consciousness?

Where or how does one look for truth?

What's your theory, or truth? Come bring and share your thoughts, feelings and questions about truth.

The volume of words written about the spiritual path is awesome. You look at all those words, and you figure that somewhere among them there must be truth. Of course there is, but each one of us requires a different level of truth.

This is the search for the living water. It is what we are looking for - the eternal truth. We’ve looked and searched for this truth in many religions throughout many life times. And when it is offered, we still have to take it. No one can force us to drink the living water.

Truth is never hidden. It’s always available for the Soul who wants to take the next step.

~ Harold Klemp "How to Find God"