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Come meet other Doberman lovers in the area.

Group Guidelines

-Owners accept full responsibility for themselves, their pets & children.

-Owners must keep Dogs under close supervision.

-Leash your dog in the park at the first sign of aggressive behavior.

-Dogs in heat should be left at home.

-Puppies & dogs are to be vaccinated & healthy.

- Pick up after your dog & yourself.

I would like for this group to be a way to help educate future owners and current owners about the horrible diseases like Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), von Willebrand's (vWD), Wobblers (CVI – cervical vertebral instability, CVM – cervical vertebral malformation, CVMM – cervical vertebral malformation-malarticulation, and cervical spondylopathy), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and other health issues this breed has.

We have a NO LITTERING policy, NO SOLICITING FOR BREEDING MALES/FEMALES, If You Don’t Rescue, Don’t Breed. Any member found using our group for breeding will be asked to leave. I hope this group can be used to help direct people to Dobermans rescues, instead of backyard breeders.

If you are looking for a Puppy Please check out http://www.texaseurodobermans.com/8-health-... information on what Health tests we as Buyers should be requiring breeders to have done.

Will the breeder refund you money if the dog dies from a genetic health issue before the age of 2? Not likely

Will your breeder help cover the costs of any genetic health issues that develop? NOT LIKELY! So if you are not rescuing a dog please make sure to buy from a breeder who tried to make sure the dogs they are breeder are as healthy as possible at the time they breed them.

Why pay $hundreds$ even $thousands$ for a dog who is not health tested? If this seems okay to you please look at bringing a recuse dog into your family instead of supporting a Greeder. Since this what Breeders who don't health test before breeding really are. If they aren't making sure they dogs are free of health issues before they breed they are only breed for money not breeding for healthy puppies. While health testing is NOT a guarantee your puppy will live past the age of 5 it sure shows the breeder cares about makes sure you dogs is free of health issues like von Willebrand's.

ESSENTIAL DOBERMAN HEALTH TESTS (not in order of importance)

FOUR (4) Tests for Dilated Cardiomyopathy:
Test #1 -- PDK4 Mutation DNA Test*
Desired Result: Negative

Test #2 -- NCSU DCM2T Mutation Test*
Desired Result: Negative
3) ANNUAL echocardiogram
Desired Results: Normal

4) ANNUAL 24-hour Holter Monitor
Desired Results: Normal

Test for Thyroid Disease:
5) MSU Thyroid Panel
Desired Result: Normal

Eye Health Certification:
6) CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) Exam
Desired Result: Normal

Test for Hip Dysplasia:
7) X-Ray (OFA Certification).
Desired Result: Excellent or Good

Test for von Willibrand's Disease (vWD):
8) DNA vWD Test
Desired Results: Clear

If the breeder doesn't have all of these done how MANY do they have done, Have they done any additional tests like being involved in the Genetic Diversity Studies? https://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/dog/GeneticDiversityInDoberman.php

Again We have a No Littering Policy- this means I will remove members who are found to be SOLICITING FOR BREEDING MALES/FEMALES. I hope people will think before buying from someone that breeds only for money with no concern about the health issues their dogs might have. We will help direct future Doberman owners to rescue groups. IF YOU DON'T RESCUE, DON'T BREED.

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Diamond Head Dog Park (Bark Park)

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