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My name is Danielle Angel and I am a mother of two. My second child was born in early 2018 and I experienced severe post partum. It didn't start right away rather seven weeks later. It was debilitating, I couldn't sleep at all even when my baby was sleeping. This continues for two weeks before I sought professional help. If it wasn't for medication, major support from my loved ones and an experienced health care provider I might not have survived. the hardest part was feeling so isolated and alone. Many women go through similar experiences but don't feel comfortable sharing. I would like to hold a space for women. I would love to hold a safe space for women in my home and build community around the topic of postpartum and motherhood in general. This group is for any mother who is currently experiencing postpartum or has experience postpartum even years ago. This is a child friendly event!
Please send me a private message and I will send you an address. I look forward to meeting you.

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