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Oakland Beginner Tai Chi and Qigong
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Montclair Park

6200 Moraga Avenue · Oakland


What we're about

This group is open to all people interested in mediation and the benefits of the Chinese practice of Qigong and Tai Chi (Taijiquan). Whether you are trying meditation it for the first time, have previous qigong experience, or a seasoned martial artist, this group will give people with various backgrounds an opportunity where we can practice, learn, and share Qigong and Tai Chi.

Each session, I will lead the group through a one-hour practice in qigong and beginner tai chi. We will be alternating months between focusing on the Hunyuan Qigong (Primordial Qigong) set and the Silk Reeling (Dynamic Qigong) set. We will cover the first section of the Hunyuan Tai Chi 24 Form which is a great introduction to that art and can be practiced independently too. Qigong is a form of meditation that is practiced to cultivate internal energy for health and vitality, relaxation and peace of mind, and – when applied to tai chi – self-defense skills.

Hunyuan Qigong, developed by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, is a set of gentle, flowing movements and calm breathing techniques that focus on relaxing and replenishing the body, expanding the energy channels, and opening up the major joints of the body. Silk Reeling is a dynamic form of qigong that continues this practice to develop a grounded, spiraling power that is the foundation needed for tai chi. The Silk Reeling exercises were developed within the lineage of Chen Fake, Feng Zhiqiang, and brought to this country from China by Zhang Xuexin.

A typical meet-up looks like:

Month A

5 minutes – Standing or seated meditation (zhan zhuang)

40 minutes – Hunyuan Qigong (primordial qigong)

15 minutes – Hunyuan Tai Chi 24 Form, 1st section

Month B

5 minutes – Standing or seated meditation (zhan zhuang)

40 minutes – Silk Reeling Qigong (dynamic qigong; chan ssu gong)

15 minutes – Hunyuan Tai Chi 24 Form, 1st section


Montclair Park, Oakland, CA

We meet next to the Montclair Recreation Center at an outdoor circular patio on the right-side of the building.


There is a modest charge of $5 per drop-in or $15 per month. This helps cover the cost of posting this activity on Meet-Up. Classes are free for those that are students, teachers, retired, or unemployed.

About me

I have been practicing Chen-Style Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan and Qigong (Hunyuan Tai Chi) since the early 2000s under Master Zhang Xuexin who is a Chen-Style Taijiquan 19th Generation Master. I am a formal disciple of and authorized to teach by Master Zhang. I began offering classes in Oakland following his retirement from public teaching.

More about this style of tai chi can be found here: .

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