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This is an informal, casual group where we help each other create, discover or tune-up your own PERSONAL philosophy. Everyone is given a chance to talk and ask questions of the group. Besides your first name (or nickname) you're not required to participate in the discussions (we're good for shy people ;-) Lets all learn together and live better lives!

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What does it mean to reason?

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During the course of conducting our lives, we make inferences, draw conclusions and act with intention. We strive to justify our decisions with good reasons and expect the same of others. We share our reasons to persuade others of the merits of our way of thinking. Some of us rely too heavily on others for reasons to justify our own choices and actions.

In our next Meetup we are going to discuss the scope and limits of our reasoning, and consider when and how it works effectively and when it does not. We will consider how the application of reason has changed over the course of time and might be different in the future. To that end, and for discussion purposes, we ask that those attending take 30 minutes to view this video presentation in advance:

These are just some of the questions we might consider:

1) Is the idea of Social Reasoning Theory presented in the video valid?

2) If and when do you trust the wisdom of the crowd or the reasoning of others?

3) Will reasoning be different in the future than in the past — how and why?

4) Do you consider your reasoning reliable? How do you know it is reliable?

5) Do you have strict rules and/or principles by which you draw inferences and construct your reasoning?

6) What can we do to improve our individual and collective reasoning?

Note: a Zoom link will be provided here in the chat 24 hours in advance of the event. It will also be emailed to those who RSVP yes.

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What is a Moral Obligation?

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