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Pregnant? Newly pregnant? Just got done being pregnant?

Sore? Unsure? Overwhelmed?

Here is a space for you. Many Americans are arriving into pregnancy with very little preparation for the avalanche of options, choices, judgments, opinions, risks, pros, cons and cares that suddenly come your way upon announcing a pregnancy and through much of parenthood. Being in circle with other people experiencing some of the same (and surely some different) processes can be hugely affirming, encouraging, and calming - all great ways to feel when you are navigating motherhood, let alone just trying to live your best life as an individual. This is a group for pregnant people to just be, express, be heard, listen, learn and hopefully feel supported.

I am a doula and a childbirth educator, and someday I will be a pregnant person and mom. I've attended over 20 births, and many of my favorite people, closest confidantes and greatest teachers are moms. Spending a lot of time around pregnant folks, families, and, when I'm extra-lucky, all of your cute babies, means I am used to hearing all the questions, all the concerns, all the seemingly silly things you may dismiss as stupid, but are really quite common. I care deeply about nourishing mothers with healthy food, helpful information, continuous care, gentle humor, and lots of listening, because I believe that the wellness of mothers is the wellness of children and in turn, each and every one of us. I feel deeply there is a need for this space and I am honored to begin providing it. Thank you for considering joining us in presence!

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