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Hi! I am very new to this scene, and am looking for opportunities to connect with other families meeting similar challenges. It was never a club I hoped to belong to, and here we are. Now that the initial shock/denial/anger is abating, I'm looking up and around and realizing that kids w/ special needs can do a lot in the bay area. I have 2 daughters, a 4yold and almost 2yo, Anika & Leilani. My younger daughter had a long stay in the hospital, and is currently delayed by most measures. She is also a strong light in our lives, and we are finally settling into the marathon portion of parenting a child who will most likely need quite a lot of extra help along with a child who is developing normally. I'm looking to form friendships with families who want to get out and about with their kids, neuronorm or neurodiverse, and laugh, play & inevitably cry together. Are you in??

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