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Removing Weeds From a Pathway/Stairway (#10)

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We worked on this pathway 2 times and it is the first pathway we ever worked on. However the weeds keep growing back. We will work on this pathway & a few others nearby if we have enough volunteers. This pathway with cement stairs is in the Lakeshore Neighborhood East of Paloma & West of Carlston. It connects the streets of Calmar & Balfour. The Balfour side needs the most work so we will go there. The approximate address to find it on Google Maps is "4052 Balfour Ave., Oakland, Ca".

One should bring gloves, water to drink, paper towels and a map. Good things to bring are shearers, brooms, dust pans and even a rake or hoe. I will bring 3 shearers and enough garbage bags. This pathway has the greatest potential to be turned beautiful. There is ground on both sides of the stairway over 2 feet wide that we could plant beautiful flowers where weeds are now. Some of the neighbors were happy to see us removing the excess plant growth.

We will work for about 2 hours.

Below is our very first group of weeders 5/20/12.

Below photo shows how much plant growth was on the stairs.

Below photo shows stairway right after our team of 4 finished.