Past Meetup

Removing Weeds From a Pathway/Stairway (#13)


Pathway/stairway Between Golden Gate Ave. & Buena Vista Ave.

5188 Golden Gate Ave. · Oakland, CA

How to find us

I am a tall man, look like my photo, and will be wearing a big green hat.

Location image of event venue


For the 2nd time in a few months a windstorm has damaged this pathway stairway. For the 4th time we will work on Belalp Path in the Upper Rockridge area. It connects the streets of Golden Gate & Buena Vista. The Golden Gate Ave. side is at the stair's bottom so we will begin there. The approximate address to find it on Google Maps is "5188 Golden Gate Ave., Oakland, Ca". It is between 2 houses with the addresses of 5176 and 5200 Golden Gate Ave.

One should bring gloves, water to drink, paper towels and a map. Good things to bring are shearers, brooms, dust pans and even a rake or hoe. I will bring 3 shearers and enough garbage bags. Below is a photo of what "Belalp Path" looks like now. If we finish this one block of "Belalp Path" we may also work on "Belalp Path" as it goes up higher on the other side of Buena Vista Ave.

We will work for about 2 hours. It is OK to show up late and work for just an hour.

Below is a photo of the intersection of Belalp Path & Golden Gate Ave.

Below are 3 photos of Belalp Path taken Nov. 23rd, 2013, right after a night wind storm knocked down branches and leaves. This is the second time this happened in a couple months. I cleaned it up a little & it dried up some so it looks a little better right now.