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Having started a lifetime practise of meditation from my teenage years, by now many truths and complete shifts in perception have been revealed to me. Like many, I realize we have been participating - for some consciously, others unconsciously, in a new level of ascension whereby manifestation is happening at a rapid pace if not instantaneously. Having said that, it is crucial we are very clear in our thoughts and intentions as these are directly connected to the outcome of our present-day 'realities'.

Also, having run this group for some time, things are always changing, shifting, evolving... It has become evident that during our meditations I've been invoking powerful healing energies whereby there have been and continue to be ongoing healings of all kinds and on many levels! Very exciting!

Through discussion, both guided and silent meditation, channelling of energies for all types of healing, manifesting and attunements, I provide this as a platform to help clarify and achieve what your true intent may be. I also help by teaching skills for developing awareness of our thoughts because I feel everyone should take advantage of this momentous time and manifest what we truly want.

The more all of us 'lightworkers' (and there are many!!) give back by way of teaching and instilling in others the joyous discoveries we've uncovered for ourselves, the happier, more peaceful and loving this planet will become.

Aside from intermittent workshops, there are regularly different types of meditations provided, and these tend to alternate depending on how I'm guided. There are varied guided meditations in which the group receives a powerful chakra cleanse, grounding, channelled attunements and infusion of transmutational, healing energies. The guided meditations are followed by silent meditation, and afterward we have group discussion of our individual experiences we each had during the meditation. Some 'see' amazing images, some hear messages, some 'feel' wonderful and curious sensations, while others may receive what seems to be a chiropractic alignment - we have all kinds of outcomes!! This is much because prior to our meetup I spend a great deal of time cleansing and invoking the numerous deities I connect with. As a result we each experience the 'etheric members' in our own unique ways. By this format, I assist you in understanding what messages you've received and at times there are unexpected, wonderful "surprises" that occur as well.

Please be prepared for potential major healings, significant shifts, and experience of greater joy...:)

This meetup is suitable for all levels of meditators!

I so look forward to meeting and helping each and everyone of you that the Universe has placed in my pathway and yours! Together we can make magic happen!

Love, light, and blessings to all!



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