Oakville Zen Meditation Centre. Maple Grove United church


Please check the site www.mindfulnesszenmeditation.ca (http://www.mindfulnesszenmeditation.ca/) to find out about Zen Buddhism philosophy, the purpose of meditation and to have access to the teaching material filed under Blog. Thanks. Arnaud Painvin, Zen Master.

When you plan to attend:

• Over the last several months the church has been very kind to open its doors to allow us to meditate in a wonderful environment. It would be greatly appreciated if you were to make a donation to express our gratitude. For this purpose a paper bag will be available every Wednesdays and Saturdays by the entrance and the funds forwarded to the church. Thank you for contribution.

• Be on time.

• Avoid wearing fragrance.

• Dress comfortably since the room is not overheated.

• Turn off your cell phone.


Catherine for Arnaud (Dharma Zen teacher).