#8: David West in Moscow


David West will visit Moscow to explain to us what Object-Oriented Programming is and why it's dead.

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18:30 Registration
19:00 Short intro
19:05 David West: "Is OOP Really Dead?"
19:25 Dr. West answers your questions
20:05 Dinner
20:30 We go home

Dave West, PhD. has been a professional software developer since 1968, the year that "Software Engineering" first became a profession. He was an early adopter of objects, and established the Object Lab at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul Minnesota in 1991. He is the author of Object Thinking and Design Thinking, with a third book, Natural Systems Design, due in the spring of 2020. He currently lives in Amsterdam, NL, where he is a founding partner of Object Guild BV; a custom software development company. Dave also had a distinguished career in academia, including the establishment of an award-winning software development apprenticeship program. Like Alan Kay (inventor of the term Object-Oriented Programming), Dave believes the full potential of objects has yet to be realized.

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