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Philosophy Questions?! WED, MAR 19, 2014 @ 6:30 PM - On the Border in Plano

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Come relax with friends after a day of productive work.

New members and first-timers are welcome! If you are new to NTOS and are looking for a chance to introduce yourself or find out more about us, this event is perfect for you! We would be very glad to meet you!

This time, let's open the table to questions about Ayn Rand's philosophy!

Everyone is welcome to bring a question. Does something trouble you about Ayn Rand's philosophical ideas? Do you disagree with Objectivism on a particular point but would listen to reasons to reconsider?

I don't promise we will be able to answer all your questions to everyone's satisfaction in one sitting, but let's get started!

For example:

How can anyone be certain of anything?

Can a threat be an initiation of force?

Is fraud a form of force?

What about taxes just for the essential functions of government, such as the military, police, and courts?

If I have the right to speak, do you have the right not to hear it?

Old Toad