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8th Annual THANKSGIVING @the Ranch, Sat, Nov. 17, 2012, 6:30pm!

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Dear Friends of Objectivism,

Again this year we are inviting everyone to participate in an organized potluck for our traditional Thanksgiving get-together!

Thanksgiving is a befitting time to honor the producers -- be they farmers, engineers, laborers, or entrepreneurs. We are establishing an annual Thanksgiving tradition in our new Objectivist community to honor Ayn Rand and the achievement of our productive work. We hope that celebrations such as this will help build our new community as we integrate the principles we have chosen to live by and respect. We can use the traditional menu or introduce new foods, we can select our music, and perhaps one of us would like to say a few words or recite a poem. Suggestions are welcome.

A sign-up list for a traditional Thanksgiving menu is provided below. To help us with the logistics of the menu, please RSVP and indicate what item(s) you would like to bring in your RSVP comments.

For those who would like to bring a favorite family recipe or a dessert, we would be very grateful.

For those who would prefer to make the suggested donation of $15/person ($3/child), that is acceptable, too. (If you don't mention in your RSVP what potluck items you plan to bring, we will assume you will probably be making the suggested donation instead.)

Remember, this is supposed to be fun! Please contribute in any way that is most enjoyable and easiest for you!

Get the food while it is hot! We normally like to serve hot food buffet style at around 7:30 pm. You are welcome to come later, but then the food may not be so hot.

Plenty of time to get to know each other and for in-depth philosophical discussions! We hope you can visit with us!

MENU FOR about 45 people (including some children) -- We will keep an updated list of who's bringing what!

Appetizers for (10-12) - Barbara

Appetizers for (10-12) - Avocado dip - Dean

Appetizers for (10-12)

Honey-Baked Ham (for 10-12) - Mr. & Mrs. OT

Thanksgiving Turkey #1 - Scott & Emily

Thanksgiving Turkey #2 - Dan C.

Thanksgiving Turkey #3 -

Dressing w/ Gravy (for 10-12)

Dressing w/ Gravy (for 10-12)

Dressing w/ Gravy (for 10-12)

Cranberry sauce #1 (2 cans or homemade) -

Cranberry sauce #2 (2 cans or homemade) -

Salad #1 (for 10-12) - Mixons (raspberry applesauce Jello salad)

Salad #2 (for 10-12) -

Salad #3 (for 10-12) -

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy #1 (2 quarts) - Nathan

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy #2 (2 quarts) -

Potato Salad #1 (for 10-12) - Donovan

Potato Salad #2 (for 10-12) - Donovan

Vegetable #1 (for 10-12) - Asparagus & Pickles, too - Ron

Vegetable #2 (for 10-12) - Squash - Dean

Vegetable #3 (for 10-12) - Sweet Taters - Robert

Vegetable #4 (for 10-12) -

Rolls #1 (18-20 rolls) - Mixons (whole wheat)

Rolls #2 (18-20 rolls) - Jlife

Rolls #3 (18-20 rolls) -

Pumpkin Pie #1 - Jlife

Pumpkin Pie #2 -

Pecan Pie #1 - Jlife

Pecan Pie #2

Apple Pie - Jlife

Cake #1 - Elle

Cake #2 -

Cookies #1 (for 10-12) -

Misc Desserts -

Cookies #3 (for 10-12) - Jlife

Ice Cream #1 - Vanilla (2 quarts) -

Ice Cream #2 - Chocolate (2 quarts) -

Whipped Cream #1 (40 servings) -

Other #1 (please describe) - Cupcakes - Barbara

Other #2 (please describe) - Round cheese - Barbara

Other #3 (please describe)

Condiments (assorted) ---Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

REFRESHMENTS: Beer, Wine, Champagne ---------BYOB!

6lb Fresh Fruit -----------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

1 lb Cheese ---------------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

1 bag Chips with Salsa --Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

1 bag Potato Chips ------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

2 bags Other Snacks ----Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

72 Sodas (Assorted) ----Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

12 Fruit Juices ----------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

12 Bottled Waters-------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

1 gal. Ice Tea ------------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Hot Coffee (for 30 servings)--Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Sugar for tea/coffer ------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Pink/Blue/Yellow sweeteners --Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Creamer ------------------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Ice (20 lbs) ---------------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad


100 Plastic Cups ----------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

100 Paper Plates ----------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

100 Plastic Forks ----------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

50 Plastic Knives ----------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

50 Plastic Spoons ----------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

20 plastic coffee cups -----Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

200 Napkins ---------------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

6 rolls Paper Towels -------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

4 trash bags (40 gal)------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Serving Dishes -------------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Serving Utensils -----------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Beer Bottle Opener --------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Wine Bottle Opener --------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Folding Tables w/ Table Cloths ------ jlife

Folding Chairs ----------------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Giant Trash Container ------Mr. and Mrs. Old Toad

Please RSVP for each event at (