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This group is for people interested in swimming & kayaking Oahu's coastlines to explore Hawaii's undersea life. We are not a fitness or training group, HOWEVER, you should be an experienced paddler and/or advanced swimmer comfortable in our changeable ocean as our outings will mostly take us further afield, sometimes for hours at a time or all day, around the more remote areas of Oahu. Kaiwi. The West Side. North Shore. Windward. We will often be swimming where there are no lifeguards.

If you can swim for hours following schools of fish, or aren't afraid to paddle out into the depths where the humpbacks dwell, this is the group for you.

I'm mainly interested in growing a pool of fellow ocean adventurers so we can each find buddies to swim and paddle with for fun and for safety. Looking to grow a group of people with the flexibility to head out on short notice when the weather is right. Come step beyond the terrestrial edges of O`ahu and explore the amazing world alive under the water. Let's go!


1) EQUIPMENT: You should have fins and goggles (or mask and snorkel) for swimming, or your own kayak, canoe or SUP for paddling.

2) SKILL LEVEL: This is not a group for beginner paddlers or inexperienced swimmers! We'll be doing some serious adventuring, as in long swims down the coast or paddles of 2 hours or more. If you know that swimming for more than an hour or paddling longer than 2 hours is too much for you this may not be the group for you. Though some group members may want to organize less ambitious outings.

3) SUNSCREEN: Recent research has shown that sunscreens containing OXYBENZONE, OCTINOXATE, AVOBENZONE, OCTISALATE, OCTOCRYLENE, ETHYL METHOXYCINNAMATE, HOMOSALATE kill coral and pose a danger to our other marine life as well as to human health.

If you want to join in a swim outing please wear sunscreen using ZINC OXIDE as the active ingredient, preferably in a fragrance free base. Or wear a swim shirt for sun protection. IF YOU ARRIVE WITH SUNSCREEN THAT IS NOT REEF SAFE YOU WILL BE DISCOURAGED FROM PARTICIPATING. I can recommend some reef safe brands and will bring with me for anyone who forgets but will charge a small fee for use.

4) SAFETY Paddling outings will only go when we have calm seas and light winds. And I never swim after heavy rains when the water quality and safety is questionable. We'll make every effort to keep these trips safe but by participating you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk. Do your research. Come prepared.

5) MALAMA `AINA Our motto will be not only to explore our amazing ocean and marine life but to TAKE CARE of it too.

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Earth Day Swim/Snorkel off Electric Beach

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West side swim- Makua to Yokohama

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