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The Next Generation Dive Club, established in New York City in 2006, is now opening a Meetup club near our retail location at 108 Bedford Street in Stamford. Anyone who is a diver, wants to learn to be a diver and is interested in the oceans should join us. We'll host happy hours and other social events in Stamford, plus local and international diving adventures. Join us!

Founded in 2006, we have established ourselves as professional dive organization dedicated to the following:

• Building community among those who love diving, adventure and the oceans

• Promoting the sport of diving

• Furthering dive education and dive safety

• Increasing environmental awareness for others and ourselvesFostering environmental responsibility, respect for the environment, and no-impact diving

• Traveling to the best dive and adventure destinations on the planet

About Us:

Membership is open to everyone, from anywhere. We have members from all over the US and all over the world!There is no required skill level, just a love of diving and the oceansIf you've never been diving before, we offer classes for all skill levels up to instructor and beyond.If you're looking for dive buddies, this is a great place to strike up a conversation and find someOur group trips range from four days to two weeks, to destinations from the Bahamas to Indonesia, California to New Zealand with opportunities for all skill levels.We respect the oceans, we respect each other

Join Us!

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We send (4) emails for each social event: (1) email to announce the event, and (3) reminders (a week before the event, two days before the event, and the day of the event). We also send emails from time to time to announce or remind you about Oceanblue trips, special news or other information. We try to minimize the frequency of our emails, but we also believe that you're interested in hearing about our club happenings (unfortunately, Meetup.com's functionality do not allow you to opt out of emails from a Meetup). Every email contains an "unsubscribe" link, should you no longer wish to receive our communications.Browse and contribute to our

Talk forums (http://oceanbluedivers.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=157&func=listcat&catid=4)

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Oceanblue Divers Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/oceanbluedivers)

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