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This is a group for anyone interested in exploring the power of the subconscious mind and what powerful tools are at your disposal when you get in rapport with your subconscious. All are welcome. I started this group to introduce hypnosis and hypnotherapy to people open to using their own mind to facilitate health, behavioral change, motivation, etc. Looking forward to exploring the subconscious with everybody.

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Set the intention for wellbeing and feeling good!


This is our first North County Group Hypnosis Meetup for 2019. We will share a guided imagery our personal intentions and wellbeing. I invite you to think about, and possible write down, some ideas for your year ahead. If you were (and you are!) looking forward for the year ahead, what would you have your mission statement be for 2019? If you imagined it was now the end of the year (December 2019) and you're looking backwards..what would your year look like? Consider all areas of your life and let's anchor the intentions or vision with a guided journey in hypnosis. We will have complimentary tea, coffee and light snacks available. $10- $15 suggested contribution is welcomed.

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Hypnosis for the Holidays 🎉

Dove Library - Carlsbad City Library

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