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Hi!! Our goal with this meetup is to stretch musically and meet cool people by hosting a jam about once a month in various musical styles (Radiohead style, Renaissance style, Motown, funk, Americana with sweet vocal harmonies, Grateful Dead, eclectic international style with Indian/Middle Eastern rhythms, and open to other suggestions).

Where: At our Jam Palace near downtown Oceanside off of 76. We have a bunch of amps and mics here and a Roland electric drumkit, and some obscure instruments like harpsichord and viola da gamba.

When: For now, probably Friday or Saturday evenings.

Who this is for: Singers and all instruments are welcome. Players will need to know chords/scales so this probably isn't the best for beginners. Or kids. We're all about fun so no worries if you're rusty. And FYI: We have an elderly dog here. He's a little deaf and likes to sit right under the drumkit, or wherever Mitch is.

Each jam will warm up with a few covers (we'll pull up the chords) and then we'll go into improvised jams or play people's original songs.

We like to meet people before having them over to our home. We'll set up a quick meeting at a coffeeshop or bar or something-- plus talking to you about your musical background will also help us set up jams where people's styles can mesh and maybe create some fusion magic!

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