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The Sovereign Citizens Movement: What is the "Sovereign Citizens Movement" and do any of their arguments hold merit?

In political philosophy, there is a discussion about the rights of the State versus the individual that has been ongoing for thousands of years. Philosophers such as Aristotle believed that if your city-state tells you to kill yourself, you have the duty to fulfill that request. Without the city-state, you are nothing. Other political philosophers have developed more individualistic philosophies and concepts. Even more recently (within roughly the past 300 years), some political philosophers conceived of a supposed compromise between individual and State rights by creating various concepts, such as "The Rights of Man," "Universal Human Rights," or "Civil Rights" that maintains State power but places specific limitations on that power over the individual. In the United States and other nations, ironically, those individual rights are protected by the State and a Constitution.

You may also want to think about and explore (a) the anarchy philosophy and (b) how in recent decades, the rights of the individual is not only being challenged by the classic entity called the "State" but also a new and powerful entity referred to as a "corporation," including "international corporations".