What we're about

You're informally a member of the Odd Hours Club if, for whatever reason, you're not in the typical Monday-Friday 9-5-ish work schedule.

This group may be for you if you
- are looking for things to do and people to do them with at times when most people you know are working and unavailable
- want to avoid the usual crowds at weekends and weekday evenings
- are interested in meeting other odd-hours people to plan activities of common interest

It's open to most anyone: shift workers, flex-time workers, self-employed people, entrepreneurs, students, stay-at-home parents, people on sabbatical, retirees, and others.

No current membership preconditions on age, relationship status, work status, and so on--just treat other people with basic civility and respect and follow Rule 1.

Rule 1: Don't bore, annoy, pester, or harass other people.

Another way to put it is to not impose your choices & preferences or push an agenda onto others. Some example situations:
* Infants or children--see Rule 1
* Business pitches or networking--see Rule 1
* Religion, politics, or other potentially-controversial topics--see Rule 1
* Dating & relationships--see Rule 1

(Note that none of these are specifically banned--if there's common interest, no problem, as long as those who aren't interested aren't involuntarily involved as well. See Rule 1.)

Suggestions for activities and venues are welcome. This group is what you make of it.

Past events (55)

Monday Night Social Comedy

Fairview Pub

City Conversations: The Arbutus Corridor: A Way Forward?

Simon Fraser University, Room 1600, Vancouver Campus

A Little Lunch Music - Pugs & Crows

Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

A Little Lunch Music - Tim Hearsey Blues Band

Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

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