10 MPH by Hunter Weeks

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Yes, we've shown this one before, but hardly anyone came to the off-the-beaten-track location, so we'll show it at a more convenient place. If you're one of the few who saw it last time, you may enjoy seeing it again!

■ Title — 10 MPH
■ Director — Hunter Weeks
■ Cast — Josh Caldwell, Johnathan F. Keough, Alon Waisman
■ ©2007 ■ Unrated, contains a bit of rude language ■ 1h 32min

Two friends leave the world of cubicles and computer screens behind, empty their bank accounts, and charge their credit cards to the limit to pursue their dreams: one wants to cross the USA on a Segway scooter (whose top speed inspired the title), the other wants to make a documentary film. And thus one rides while the other films a journey that lasts more than three months and involves myriad encounters with local characters. Every day is an adventure!