Tomorrowland by Brad Bird

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Oddball Cinema presents A Year of Shifting Realities: a series of films whose plots involve alterations in reality or the characters’ perception of reality.

■ Title — Tomorrowland
■ Director — Brad Bird
■ Cast — George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie
■ ©2015 ■ Rated PG ■ 2h 10min ■ Action Adventure Mystery SciFi ■

The mystery is why this film isn’t better known – and better liked. It opened to undistinguished reviews and barely grossed enough revenue worldwide to cover its cost. Perhaps, like some of the characters in the film, it was simply ahead of its time.

Contrary to the opinions of critics and public, this is a great action-packed movie with spectacular special effects. The story begins with Casey (Britt Robertson), a brighter-than-average teenage girl, encountering a tiny device that gives her a glimpse of an amazing city of the future. Where is this city? Does it really exist? Casey’s quest for the answers leads to an epic journey, and along the way she gets to meet George Clooney playing a grouch and Hugh Laurie playing a different kind of grouch. Both of them don’t want to be bothered and try to keep her from her goal; some things never change!