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Volleyball Night...2 courts!!! Check the times
Hi all, we tried a new setup last MeetUp and it work out well. Here is how it will work from now on: We have 2 games going on at the same time on each court, after 10 min, the winner of each court will play on the blue court and the losers play on the green court. This goes on an on during the entire duration of the MeetUp. If we get more than 24 players, we will do rotations with one or 2 on each team. In the event we get 30 persons, the last 6 persons to arrive will become the 5th team. In this scenario, the Losing team of the blue court takes a break and the team that was outside plays against the loosing team on the green court. Any player beyond the 30th can be rotation in any of the teams. If we can build 6 teams, every team will play 2 consecutive games and rest one game and all teams play against each other. Please RSVP, that way it will be easier to determine how we will play that night. It is required to have at least medium experience in Volleyball to participate and to have a natural flow. If you don't have enough experience you need to be accompanied by someone that does and coaches you. Bring $5 to pay for court fees. Thanks

Needs a location

What we're about

I want to start a Volleyball meetup in the Odenton area, for people that love the sport or just want to have fun while exercising.

We could have a successful session if we can get 8 or more player, so if you know someone, bring them in.

All we need is $5 to play for court fees.

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