What we're about

We are group of Norse Pagans that follow the ancient Germanic religion and celebrate the distinctive culture of our Northern European forefathers. This meetup group is about celebrating the old Norse religion from the time of the vikings and well before. Group members are welcome to participate in various blots and other ceremonies in whatever capacity they feel comfortable with. Individuals who are interested in Norse Paganism, it's history, its mythology and its teaching should join. This meetup group is about learning, exploring and practicing the old nordic Pagan tradition. We will celebrate blots such as winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice and fall equinox up north in the pines, with overnight camps and bonfires. We will also have meetings and planning discussions from time to time for upcoming events.

Past events (5)

Winter Solstice

Needs a location


Lucky Lou's

Odin's Wolves out raising Hel

Harvey American Public House

Spring Equinox

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