What we're about

I am going to be trying to get a monthly get together for O365 and Azure professionals to talk about what is going on in the industry. This will be out of the Atlanta area. I will take care of finding spots to host the event. It doesn't matter if you have been doing Office365 from the beginning or just read a billboard at an airport. The latest Microsoft documentation is great, but I find it really helps to talk to other companies about how they leverage technologies is sometimes even better.

If you are interested in joining, go ahead and click. At the end of the day, this can either help you get educated in the stack, or bounce ideas off other people. Never stop learning.

Upcoming events (3)

First meet up and Monitoring Deep dive


In our first monthly meeting, I will review the API from Microsoft that is exposed to set up monitoring, I will show off some of what I did at my company. We will also talk about some examples where this could be useful in the future. Please feel free to bring any examples of what you might of done at your companies as well.

Office365 and Licensing workshop

Needs a location

I have spent quite a bit of time working thru the licensing bundles inside of O365. I am going to provide some quick tips and tricks around assigning users in Azure AD, explaining what each bundle means and how I explain to leadership what we need vs. what would be nice.

An evening with an IT executive

Needs a location

During this meet up, I have invited Brett Belding to join us. Brett is a Global IT Director at the Boston Consulting Group. From his Linkedin. I am responsible for service category ownership and global leadership of the BCG portfolio of computing services. Our team provides laptop, tablet, smartphone, and future personal computing technology services as well as the management of those services to provide staff with reliable, high quality productivity solutions. In addition, our team provides app management, messaging, and identity services to BCGers worldwide. We are going to talk about the scary concepts that start to happen once you begin moving any service that has traditionally been on premise, to the cloud. We will talk about the BCG journey thru O365, similar trends we have seen with other technology stacks, and crack some jokes along the way. This will not be our most technical session, but I am hoping this will be useful because it will take you into the mindset of a decision maker, and how things like conditional access and in tune keep getting brought up to IT leadership.

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