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Soulanta is a social community. We gather for good times with music events based in either a neo soul/rnb vibe or soulful house music vibe. In addition to our own events we partner with other Atlanta event producers as well as our partner groups in NYC ("House Massive NYC") and Miami (#MixToGoMiami). We host local gatherings along with weekend getaways and cruises throughout the year. Join us and expand your social mind!

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Sip 'N' Soul (The FIRST official SOULANTA meetup!)

SOULANTA (in association with Southern Empire and #MixToGoSoul) present "The First Official Soulanta Meetup." THIS IS THE NEW DATE OF OUR MEETUP!! WE ALSO HABE A NEW LOCATION!! We will gather at one of our flagship locations just north of the city of Atlanta at La Martina (formerly known as "Costa Azul Mexican Restaurant") in Norcross. It is located steps away from Jimmy Carter Blvd and the Wal-Mart there. PURPOSE. Our original first meetup was scheduled in April. It is still happening (see our calendar) but we are adding additional events such as this because we will always gather to please as many of our members as possible with an event across the board that represents what our group is about. WHAT IS THIS GROUP ABOUT? Other than what is listed in the original description (and our meetup logo) we celebrate good healthy food, gatherings of all kinds in all kinds of places (travel included!) and MUSIC. In particular R&B, soulful house, afrobeat and old school (although we like a lot of other music formats as well and will occasionally address them in some of our meetups). We celebrate good health, good vibes, nice people and living our best life. That could arguably be any meetup group but we have all been to our share of meetups and rarely have many of the organizers said to the members WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE THIS GROUP TO BE ABOUT (in addition to what it is already about) for YOU?? We would like our members to have a say. It does not mean everyone will get what they want exactly but our hope as a community is to meet one another in the middle of our dreams and realize a good time can be had by all of us together. DRESS CODE. Come casual chic. "Come as you are" may leave too much to the imagination and we want everyone to be respectable with their presentation of self. "Casual chic" simply means it can be jeans and sneakers but with a fashionable flair. We'll leave that to you. It could mean heels and a skirt with your favorite denim jacket and sun hat. It could be a button down with slacks and your favorite baseball cap. Or it could mean dressed up as one of your favorite female characters from "Black Panther." Have fun with it and worry not about being judged. GOOD FOOD AVAILABLE. We are working on a menu as this is being presented to you. "La Martina" is a Mexican-themed restaurant but the owner-so gracious to allow us to utilize her place as one of our hubs for ongoing gatherings-is willing to allow us to create a soulful customized menu. "Southern Empire" co-founder Cameron has over 20 years in food service so we'll be leaning on his expertise to come up with some soulful tasty ideas. We'll update the results in our weekly email blast and revise this event description as well. GOOD MUSIC. "Soulanta" founder Freedom will spin a soulful set of emotive AND groovy songs and tracks. Think: neo-soul, soulful RNB, soulful house and soulful Hip-Hop (tasteful). This is not a request kinda vibe though but if it fits into what you hear by all means we'll consider your request. BRING FRIENDS. We'll always welcome you and your crew! Bring co-workers, friends from other meetups (!), music lovers like yourself, foodies, your yoga partners and forward-thinking folks who bring that vibe wherever they go.4 GRAND CLOSING. There's more to say but we'll say it when you attend. Your co-host, Freedom

Soul On Stage :: A Soulful RNB LIVE Music Experience

La Martina Restaurant & Bar

COMING SOON. "Soul On Stage" is a gathering of independent and established legends who perform with full bands. It is an event produced by this group, Soulanta Meetup in association with #MixToGoSoul, a weekly online mixshow produced by MixToGoRadio.com and by Southern Empire. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT TO HEAR? "Soul On Stage" celebrates the best soulful R&B from artists you know and some you don't. We leave the middle ground of currently commercial artists who you can see and hear more easily to make room for artists you do not hear from-either because they are coming up or because they "made it" but no longer get "that light" and yet they put on phenomenal shows. These artists on both sides have great SHOWS and do so with FULL BANDS. No track show performances here (at least, that is the goal!) Think NPR Tiny Desk Concerts with a room of 1-200 people. That's what this event is about. DRESS CODE. For this gathering "casual chic" (See our monthly "Soulanta Social Meetup" post) but we also invite those of you who like to be "fresh dressed like a million bucks" (Slick Rick, "Ladi Dadi") to BRING IT. ATTITUDE. It should and will reflect leadership. Don't underestimate the fact that this is a social gathering, as are all of our meetups. We want all of our members to come with positive energy. A good time can be better had way beyond the music, good food and drinks-it is our own attitudes that create this thing people keep talking about called a VIBE. BRING FRIENDS. Of course we want as many members to attend as possible but we also want the QUALITY of who attends to be as good as we can get it. The bar is high for all of you to have a good time. We want that for ourselves so we naturally want that for you, too. MEMBERSHIP PAYS. Some of us would love for all meetups to be free. We have attended many meetups and heard people claim they only came because admission was free, drinks were cheap or free and whatever the event theme was meant they basically had a great time at someone else's expense. This is not that group. We made it easy for everyone to get onboard with how we set our group up right from the start. If you join groups as a serial meetup participant you will be very disappointed to find out in this group you pay to play. Here is how it works. For the first 60 days everyone gets a free ride-to experience meetups and all of their amenities. After you will be required to pay $10/month to stay a member or meetup-not us-will automatically remove you from the group. Why do this? Because we want ACTIVE meetup members. If you joined out of curiosity you can get your fill of a few events we have on our calendar before making the commitment. We have given you the best that we've got (Anita Baker) and we want the best of you to join and stay with us. This won't be for everyone. Free events will always be offered but free membership will not be. Another reason: during the spring and fall months we are in membership drive mode; all members take a small role in what this group is by not only being members but also telling us what kind of events they'd like to see us produce-with an understanding to what our group is about. If you have questions or comments about paid membership beyond the above please send us an email. We'll also talk about it in our general monthly meetups. ABOUT THE ARTISTS. We haven't booked the singers as of this writing (Feb 3, 2020) but we do have our house band and they are GOOD!! We can tell you featured performers to come include Brand New Heavies international lead singer Honey Larochelle, soulful house singer Natasha Watts, the amazing Lady Alma, indie soul singers from Dallas Nuwamba and Jtronious, "Heard It All Before" R&B favorite from Charlotte Sunshine Anderson and longtime neo soul favorite Dwele are just a few of the artists you'll see on our stage over the next few months. GRAND CLOSING. This is YOUR group so OWN IT! Sign up, show up, sing along and we'll see you in April! -FJ

House Massive Atlanta

La Martina Restaurant And Bar (Lounge)

HOUSE MASSIVE ATLANTA celebrates the best in house music. We are artists, we are dancers, we are socials, we are a community. Join us for our first event in Atlanta and the grand opening of La Martina-a popular hot spot in Mexico now open in the U.S. It may come up in searches as "Costa Azul Mexican Seafood" because that is the old name. 🎵 Save a few dollars by joining our meetup group in ATLANTA known as "Soulanta" (YOU ARE HERE!) Keep your membership FREE by attending at least one event a month; we are hosting at least 2 each month. 🎵 HOUSE MASSIVE ATLANTA Friday, April 10,[masked]pm to 2am At La Martina 1200 Rockbridge Road NW Norcross, GA 30093 🎵 Resident DJ FREEDOM @DJFreedomLives with DJ DaVyne (Kompass Atlanta) bless the set with soulful house and global sounds!! Co-hosted by Queen Martina (@MartinasDesigns) & Gina Michele. 🎵 Tickets on EVENTBRITE by searching for "House Massive Atlanta" or you can go to our website MixToGoRadio.com. Although you have signed up here you must get an actual ticket from EVENTBRITE and show this on your phone when you arrive. New members will be allowed to show their Meetup or Facebook membership FOR THIS EVENT ONLY but only the first 40 members of either group will be allowed in free. Everyone else pays $5 (an extremely fair rate for what will be a phenomenal gathering!) 🎵 Our event is for EVERYONE over 21 but we want you to attend knowing the music format is HOUSE MUSIC. If you are NEW IN TOWN or JUST VISITING this is a great way to enjoy a home grown event with international appeal. 🎵 Our event is FREE to the first 40 members and $5 after. This is an "appreciation party" to introduce our members to one of many events we produce. It is open to all members but we are going to warn you: house music is for the dancers so you will see that vibe expressed to the fullest!

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Sip 'N' Soul (The FIRST official SOULANTA meetup!)

La Martina Restaurant And Bar (Lounge)

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