Successfully onboarding an offshore team with a phased approach


Introducing an offshore team to a well established SDLC can be a complex process. MessageMedia were able to successfully introduce and scale up offshore development capabilities by phasing in the introduction of offshore teams to their SDLC. At this meetup, we will talk through the theory of this approach, how it works in practice and some of the key learnings that have been discovered along the way.

Ben Mostafa is currently an Engineering Manager and Head of Developer Relations at MessageMedia. Over the last 9 months, he has helped spin up an offshore development capability in Vietnam to help compliment the development team located in Melbourne.

The team in Vietnam will also be dialing in via video conference to join in the discussion as well!

Audience: Development Managers, Delivery Managers, Iteration Managers, Tech Leads, anyone who manages a software development team or plans to launch a software product.


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