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Do you feel that you could use a energy boost? or suffer from brain fog, pain insomnia, chronic disease,depression, anxiety, auto immune disease, stomach issues and headaches? Most people that I come in contact with have similar complaints. the crazy thing is most people think this is normal! I am here to tell you that it is not normal! I started my journey in health care 13 years ago. I had similar symptoms and i got tired of doctors and modern medicine not being able to give me any answers. This lead me on my own path of leaning what connection with my body meant for me. Disconnect to Reconnect retreat is about learning some simple lifestyle modifications to increase health and vitality.
Educating about chronic disease, the lymphatic system and basic health maintenance are part of learning how to connect and take care of yourself. Learning how movement and breathing can reconnect you to your body mind and soul are so important for overall health.
my passion was fueled by my need to be able to take care of myself heal my body and answer my questions that our health care could not.
I gained a sense of accountability, and self reliance that i have never had before.
learn how to connect with your body mind and soul with tai chi, qigong .

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