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The Rosicruican Order (AMORC) is a Worldwide Philosophical and Initiatic Tradition open to both man and woman. We have Lodges, Chapters, Pronaos, Atriums and Discussion Groups all over the world.

If you're interested in the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) then this is the perfect place to come and check it out.

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The Light Gathering of the Southwest

Courtyard by Marriott Las Vegas South

All Mystics and Seekers come join in for a day of mystical exploration and experiential sharing of Light. Saturday, March 16th, 2019 - 9am - 5pm Crystal Singing Bowls and Vowel Toning The Prayer of the Heart ; Council of Solace ; Spiritual Alchemy Schedule of Activities Crystal Singing Bowls and Vowel Toning @ 9am The Prayer of the Heart @ 10am Deep, heart-centered prayer is at the core of the mystical practice of many world spiritual traditions. It is a practical and real way to actualize the Sophia—Divine Wisdom—Tradition and the Way of the Heart. This work allows dedicated practitioners to realize the union of their heart with the Divine Heart, beating with the rhythm of the Cosmos. In this workshop we will first look at the background of this practice from a metaphysical viewpoint, and then perform some meditation exercises to introduce participants to this, and related, ancient practices. Please bring a short reading from some spiritual text that is meaningful to you to use in one of the exercises. Council of Solace @ 12pm The Council of Solace is a dedicated time to bring cosmic help to all those in need of it. We direct metaphysical aid to individuals who petition the Council of Solace with health, domestic, economic, or other problems, and aid is also directed to those who are attuned with the Council. Group lunch (on your own) destination of SkinnyFats nearby @ 12:30pm Spiritual Alchemy and the Processes of Transformation Workshop @ 1:45pm This session will introduce the basics and advanced principles of alchemy from a practical, material, personal and spiritual perspective. Alchemy is a process of transformation, hopefully, from lead to gold. Some of the common symbolism and processes as they apply to our practical/spiritual lives will be explained and discussed. You will see and experience alchemy like you never have before and yet live everyday. Alchemy is Life, but the real key is where are you and what do you want to become! This will be a practical workshop of how the esoteric aspects of alchemy apply to your past experiences and your future choices. The Light of Las Vegas @ 3:30pm An important meeting of fellow Las Vegas area mystics will be held afterwards to discuss the regular ongoing meetings of a local group and ideas for discussions, presentations and exploration. The Prayer of the Heart Facilitator: The presenter, Steven A. Armstrong, M.A. Hum., M.A., M.Div., is a professional historian, philosopher, and teacher trained at Yale, Fordham, the Boston Theological Institute and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. Based in Las Vegas, he currently serves the Grand Lodge in Membership Services and assists with Publications. He is an active member of both the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC and the Traditional Martinist Order and has served as an officer in both Orders. His current areas of interest include how the Primordial Tradition permeates all world traditions, and the way in which the Rosicrucian and Martinist Paths provide a unique and unifying viewpoint on those traditions. He is the author of more than 30 published papers, articles and podcasts, and is a lecturer for the RCUI. Spiritual Alchemy Facilitator: The presenter, Leo Adams has studied Tarot, Qabala, archaeology, ancient cultures, metaphysics, theology, science and philosophy and many esoteric traditions for over thirty years. Leo conducts workshops and lectures on Qabala, Tarot, Metaphysics, Alchemy, Color-Sound-Vowels, Hermeticism, Ancient Egypt, Symbolism, Dreaming, Meditation and Ceremonial Magick. Leo currently serves as the AMORC Grand Councilor of the Southwest Region including Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. While there is absolutely no required fee for attending, a donation of $20 would be appreciated. For questions or more details contact [masked] or text at[masked]

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