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Group Mission: This is a citizens group organized to defend the original intent of the US and Ohio Constitutions. We will exercise our right to freedom of speech, peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for the redress of grievances as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. We will have meetings to advance this cause.

We will freely exchange meeting notices of other patriot groups around NE Ohio to include Tea Party groups, 912 groups, Heritage groups, Campaign for Liberty and other freedom loving groups as long as the below basic beliefs are shared. We will help to coordinate efforts for the common cause of preserving our constitutional republic.

We believe in:

The US Constitution as it was originally intended

Limiting the Federal Government to its enumerated powers

Upholding the Bill of Rights

Reserving to the State of Ohio or to the people of Ohio all powers not delegated to the Federal Government, as indicated in the 10th Amendment.

Judeo Christian values, and will freely exercise our religious beliefs as guaranteed under the 1st Amendment.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms per the 2nd Amendment.

Ohio Constitution.

The right to own private property, private enterprise and a free market system.

A sound currency.

Our constitutional republican form of government

We oppose any totalitarian form of Government, whether communism, fascism or under any other name.

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