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Q & A session with founder to discuss future of money with blockchain tech

"The Money Project" by OkGlobal Coin & SWITCH:

The first registered, regulated and compliant international blockchain project of its kind aimed at the complete disruption and takeover of banking, finance, exchange and payment processing via a living reactive decentralized autonomous organization, DAO. A living DAO that operates globally to replace faith based problematic fiat currency and bring back the use of real "money" which holds an intrinsic value backed and guaranteed by assets and investments, that will rise in value to beat inflation rates and be used globally without threat of loss, theft or unfair confiscation. The business/profit model of OkGlobal Coin DAO can takeover and dominate any financial industry it enters due to the disruptive model of simply beating inflation rates in order to offer its participants "money" that is backed by real assets and increases in value to eliminate inflation loss. There are no known competitors with this model to date.

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Q & A to discuss project and blockchain takeover

Needs a location

This event will be held live online. I will hold an in-person event in Singapore later when I go back to enjoy that beautiful burgeoning city/state. I miss my chicken rice and great dim sum from tim ho wan at great world city. Singapore is a beautiful place due to its mix of democracy, capitalism and raw talent from its population.

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