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Calling all those who seek to connect to an Ascended Master (AM)! Maybe you have experience in working with an AM, or you may never have had such a connection. You may even doubt that it is possible. This group is to help each of us grow our understanding of spiritual connections no matter where we are along the path. We are more than our earth-bound bodies, although our bodies can be wonderful in helping to express all parts of us. WE ARE ALSO A DIVINE BEING. It may take a little practice in recognizing your divinity, and developing this potential, but we all have it. I will help you identify what Master(s) you resonant with, how to communicate with them and then how to listen for their message! I will share with you my experience with Mary Magdalene, my primary spiritual guide, who walks and talks with me everyday. She helps spread love in all of us...love of all types that is deeply meaningful. You may also ask her for guidance in your own life.

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