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Is Kambo the next step in your journey of personal, physical, emotional, and energetic balance and healing? Join us to find out. This group will be dedicated to providing regular Kambo circles in the OKC area.

During our ceremonies we will work together to help you free yourself from the burden of "Panema", which may be preventing you from reaching the next level in your personal evolution. Panema is like a translucent barrier or wall which we create within ourselves over time due to stress, physical trauma, emotional trauma, and illness. Panema may be viewed as the cause of our "bad luck". We may not be fully living in the flow of the Universal Energy and the negative experiences we have may be due to our lack of connection. Kambo has been reported to have the ability to affect the way we view the world. Changing our energetic connection and tapping in to the flow can change our entire perspective on ourselves, our lives, and our understanding of the systems we are embedded in. To help us shift energies and open us up for the Kambo experience, we will also use other indigenous tools like Sananga and Rapé (Ha-peh) snuff during our Kambo ceremonies.

All events are hosted by Steve Cather - Kambo Practitioner - International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP)

I'm here to provide you with the information you may need before making a choice one way or the other.

Kambo definitely isn't for everyone and we will not be trying to convince you to try Kambo. If you feel called to do Kambo we will offer our support and facilitate your experience to make sure you have a safe and possibly transformative experience.

Please visit -
to learn more about Kambo, the IAKP, and our upcoming ceremonies.

Be sure to read the "Health and Safety" page on the website for a partial list of conditions which may prevent you from doing Kambo safely. If you have any of the health and safety contraindications you will be encouraged to stay away from Kambo. This is for your safety, my safety, and the safety of the medicine.

Green light and gentle healing,

Steve Cather

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