Game Storytelling Workshop


Similar to our popular game design workshops, the game storytelling workshop gives you the opportunity to team up, create a story and present it for feedback to the rest of the group. We'll be breaking into random teams (no need to create one beforehand) and brainstorming a storyline for a game (including characters, conflict, resolution, etc). Each group will then present on their game story, and everyone will participate in spirited feedback discussions.

Meeting space and free pizza/soda is provided thanks to StarSpace46 ( and Techlahoma ( Our meetups are organized by GoldFire Studios ( Come hungry and ready to talk game development! Also, if you are working on anything, bring it with you to show with the rest of the group, we set aside time at the end of each meeting.

Reminder: When attending meetups at StarSpace46, please use the west patio entrance. Meetup attendees should not enter through the south entrance, as that is reserved for StarSpace46 customers. If you are more than 15 minutes early, please wait outside the west entrance.

PS: Don't forget that we also have a Facebook group ( that is great for sharing! Anyone is welcome to join.