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Ron H.

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Oklahoma City, OK

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Jan 13, 2015


On a journey as a renascent entrepreneur reinventing himself, redefining his businesses & building #4HWW startups. I mentor others in real estate investing #RenacentMastermind.­com & entrepreneurship &­

What profession are you involved in with Real Estate? (Example: Realtor, Agent, Broker, Mortgage Pro, Lender, Loan Officer, Inspector, Appraiser, Marketer, Contractor, General Contractor, Plumber, HVAC Tech, Service Technician, Exterminator, etc.

Serial Entrepreneur. Real Estate Investor, Co-founder of Spearhead Realty (real estate brokerage), Mentor & Business Coach. Encourage Project (soon)

Brokerage or Company Name?

Spearhead Realty, Renascent Mastermind, Element Property Management.

What specialties, area, market, and niche you focused on most? What interest or excites you most about your business?

Mostly real estate field but also other endeavors. Coaching & Mentoring is my ultimate passion. It's what drives me!

What are your best skills, talents & traits?

People skills, encouraging other to chase their dreams & passions, leadership, mentoring others to overcome & have breakthroughs, & outsourcing.

What part of your business skills needs the most tuning, adjustment or help?

Time management.