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Learning to socialize with other dogs is one of the most rewarding activities we and our dog’s will ever experience.

But dog parks are often full of unreliable playmates. Taking your dog to a dog park can be like taking your child to play at the local penitentiary. Who knows what interesting skills he will bring home?

Our Play Groups are for anyone interested in safer positive play or a more compliant dog. Why pay $100 - $200 for group classes when learning often fails to translate outside of the dog training facility. Play groups are FREE and hosted in a variety of settings that provide ubiquitous associations, and as such, learnings are not environmentally dependent.

Play group participation does not require your dog to demonstrate command compliance. Play group learning is more about your dog learning to respect other dogs and people along with developing self-control in a natural positive environment. As such, play groups set your dog’s up for success and can reduce the occurrence of anxiety and behavioral challenges requiring further instruction.

We play all over the Metro in Public and Private Dog Parks, Luxury Apartment Parks and Select Veterinarian Locations.

What you will learn while having fun:

· Improve recognition of canine body language, energy levels, and communication preferences

· Learn safer pack handling - including introduction protocols

· Recognizing healthy vs. dangerous play behaviors

· Identifying play preferences and facilitate greater dog play compatibility

· Practice safer pack supervision, interruption and correction techniques

· Meet the best dog owners in Kansas City!!

Playgroups can match your dog with other canines who have similar Play group styles such as: Gentle Dainty Doggies, Rough-N-Rowdy Rovers, Push-Pull Pooches and Chasing Charlies

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Dog Meet & Greet

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