What we're about

Have a new baby on the way and same-age neighbors that are sending their last off to college?

Know that you're going to figure it all out and have your ego managed well enough to admit that a little help is worth asking for?

I'm 44 and have my first kid on the way. I couldn't be happier, but I know that my experience will be meaningfully different than that of my friends who spawned in their twenties.

I'm hoping this will become a regular place and space to share wisdom and joys and horror stories without the fear that someone twenty years younger rolls their eyes as if to say "I went through that three years ago."

I've received a question or three about the name of the group, so let's define some terms:

Old: Let's set the bar at 40. Interpret that as you will. 40 at birth, 40 at conception, 40 and you can't believe you've got a two year old.

Dads: Forget about gender, forget about sex, throw binaries out the window. If you identify with the word "Dad" in a way that is meaningful to you, you're in.

Beer: an alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops.

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Kick Off Meeting. And Beer.

Fiction Brewing

Read the group description. Sound good? Show up. Help me decide what this thing is going to be. Play board games. Complain about something. Be celebrated for some cool thing you did that nobody else gets. Have a centering moment with others that are going through the same things you are. Drink beer. (There is often a food truck, and countless places will deliver food if there isn't.) Timing note: Fiction hosts trivia on Thursday nights at 7:30. I used to be on the team of folks that runs it, and will be sure to have a theme round or two written for us. My thinking is that an hour of chat followed by bar trivia is a good way to start up...but we will collectively decide the best location and time for follow-up meetings.

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