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Pitch. Spades. Hearts. Pinochle. Scopa. Briscola. Tresette. Minchiate. Ganjifa. We like playing cards because it's a good time. For a lot of us, playing cards also connects us with our past. We played cards with our families growing up, and now don't get to play very often. We were regularly beaten soundly by our grandpas at cards, and we miss that dearly. This group got made because it's so hard to find four people who can play at the same time for partner games. The purpose here isn't primarily to meet people; it's to play cards. The making of acquaintances will happen incidentally.

One thing I will mention is that we will not be playing cribbage or poker, even though cribbage is one of the best card games ever, and poker is a favorite of many. This is because 1) you can go out and find a poker game anywhere, and 2) there is already an excellent cribbage meetup in KC, which we will be attending ourselves whenever we have a hankering for his knobs.

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We're Going To Sit Around And Play Cards For A Few Hours IX

HJ's Youth and Family Center

This one's two weeks out again. See you there! ***************************************************** For the uninitiated, read on to learn how we play. If you have any questions, check the FAQ then ask away in the discussion area. Procedure - Players will take turns leading games (if the player wants to). - A leader chooses what game they lead. - There will be multiple leaders at a time. - The non-leaders take turns choosing which leader they want to play with and therefore which game they want to play. - If someone doesn’t get to lead this meeting, they will be higher up on the list next meeting. Additional Rules - No grinding/pushing of cards to shuffle. Seriously, I'll scream. - RSVP all players and guests through the website. We need to limit the folks as there will be limited seating. Don't forget to contact me so I know their name(s). - No cribbage. There is another group that plays cribbage only, and it would not be right to detract from their play. - No poker. There are plenty of places to play poker. This group is for those that want to play other games. - Games with standard decks. This group is for games that share cards with other games. This excludes games like Exploding Kittens and Munchkin. Exceptions to this rule are Uno and Rook, because those games are awesome. - Provide rules. If there is a game you would like to lead that cannot be found in According To Hoyle, send a link to rules to the group a few days before the meeting and bring a few hard copies of the rules to the meeting. Eat and Drink (If we're at a business) - I’m going to repeat this often. If we do not consume the wares of the business who is kind enough to provide us space, we may get charged for their time and we will not be allowed back. Plan on eating lunch or dinner there. Order drinks. Be merry. What Will Be Provided - Cards. -- Lots and lots of standard French-suited decks (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs) of 52 or 54 cards. -- A big triple deck (and holder) for games like Canasta. -- Many Pinochle decks. -- A few Latin-suited (cups, coins, swords, bastoni) decks. -- A French-suited Tarot (Tarock, Tarocchi) deck. -- A Sicilian Tarocchi deck. -- A Minchiate deck. -- A Ganjifa deck. -- A Rook deck. -- An Uno deck. -- Animal rummy on request. - Table cloths. -- These will be provided for the tables for ease of play and to save wear and tear on the cards. Please use them and try to keep them in such a state that they can keep the cards clean and dry. - According To Hoyle -- There will be a few copies of this on hand, as it should be. - Pens and paper Before You Come - Make sure you send the organizer the name of everyone that will be attending (who must be counted through the website), whether they will be playing, and whether they might want to lead a game. - Make sure you send out a link to rules for your games as mentioned earlier. For You To Bring - Money for food and drink if we're at a business. You have to eat and drink or we can’t come back. - Food and drink if we're not at a business and are eating before we play. - A $1-2 donation if you want to help cover the cost of the meetup subscription fee and cards and whatnot. There will be a coffee can. - A small donation for the facilities if we're playing at a community center. - Cards if you want. I like playing with my own very favorite deck sometimes. Feel free to do the same. - Hard copies of rules for your games as mentioned earlier. Fun Raffle!! - I will once again raffle off some special playing cards. They probably won't be as cool as the Strawberry Shortcakes or the Pegasuses (Pegasi?). Everyone who gets on the player list and shows up will be in consideration. The only rule is you must play at least one game at the meeting with these cards. That’s it for now. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks for being interested in this thing that I am also interested in, Dan

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