What we're about

A group for bookworms who sometimes feel like they were born in the wrong century. We do 3 things:

1) Book club: Read a classic work of literature every month and get together at a local establishment to discuss it. We will visit cafes, tea houses, breweries, and other places in the Vancouver/Portland area. Although we love the smell of old books, we are audiobook and e-book friendly. Read as thou wilt.

2) Poetry club: A time to gather together to enjoy classic poetry from around the world. Memorization and recitation is highly encouraged, but you can also read your contribution. This is not a time to share your own writing -- this is a time to share and discuss favorite old poems that inspire and delight.

3) Field trips: When the opportunity arises, we may go on field trips with a literary theme or which otherwise satisfy the yearnings of our souls. Classic music concerts, operas, museums, visiting gardens, and more are not out of the question.

Members are encouraged to participate in all three, and to suggest new events and activities!

If you show up sporting a top hat or lace parasol, you will not be judged.

Past events (35)

OSLS discusses "War with the Newts" by Karel Čapek

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OSLS discusses "The Stone Angel" by Margaret Laurence

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OSLS discusses "Les Misérables" Parts 4-5 by Victor Hugo

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