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Akashic Reader Level 1 - Live Video!

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Join us via LIVE VIDEO two Fridays, February 22nd & March 1st, from 5-9pm (US Mountain Standard) and become a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner!

This is the "Special Sauce" for success! When you're able to access and receive information from the Akashic Records, you gain an understanding of the higher purpose of what you're experiencing, best choices to make for your highest good, clarity and healing. It's THE game changer in life!

During this two day class, you'll receive hands on guidance and support from Olivia and her breadth of knowledge working with and understanding the Records. She's given over 1,000 Professional Akashic Readings and loves teaching integrity filled Intuitives and Healers how to read the Records.

Unlike an intuitive reading, this process connects you to soul wisdom and all experiences in physical incarnations (past lives, parallel lives, other dimensions) and in spirit (as the soul, spirit guides for others, in between lives and so on).

Akashic Readings go beyond intuitively reading someone's aura or talking with deceased loved ones and spirit guides. Akashic Readings go to the core reasons for what is being experienced and how to understand, flow and work with its higher purpose.

Most every challenge we experience has its roots in past lives and lives in spirit. Akashic Readings access this wisdom, bring in the love, compassion and understanding that the person's soul has for them in the session, help people feel loved and understood and facilitate deep healing.

Here's What You'll Learn In Akashic Level 1 Training:

• Access and work in the Akashic Records for yourself and others.

* Learn Olivia's unique method for reading yourself and others with accuracy and ease.

• Work with High Level Spirit Guides, Records Keepers and Master Teachers.

• Get to know the energy found in the Records.

• Receive an attunement to help connect to the subtle energy of the Akashic Records and meet your Akashic Record Reading Guide.

• Receive lots of hands on experience, practicing giving and receiving Akashic Readings inside and outside of class.

• Receive an Akashic Reader Level 1 Certificate.

COST: $375 + $15 book (purchased on your own)
*A deposit of $100 is required to hold your seat, click here to pay the deposit through my online store:

****RECEIVE 40% OFF a class over $100: if you've already taken it and want to take it again!

If you're interested in taking it again and want the 40% off, please email me to RSVP and prepay (don't sign up via Meetup): [masked]

Olivia has developed three levels of unique Akashic training:

Akashic 1 is the foundational class where you learn to read your own records and the records of others, meet your Master Teachers, overseers of the records and spirit guides that relay information during readings and give readings to others with lots of hands on training and support in and outside of class.

Akashic 2 goes into advanced detail about the healing energy found in the records and why an Akashic Reading is so healing and transformative. You'll learn how the healing energy of the Records moves through and works in the human body and energy system, how it heals so quickly and how to work more deeply with this healing energy in past lives, incarnational journeys, other timelines. You'll meet your Akashic Record Healing Guides and receive an attunement to access this deeper dimension in the Records.

Akashic 3 is the advanced level which teached you how to find and clear blocks in the records. You'll learn how to easily find discordant energies, non-beneficial programs in all levels of the Records. This level helps transform yourself and clients by releasing stuck patterns and chronic conditions easily and quickly; growing the soul into expanded levels of consciousness. You'll meet your Akashic Record Clearing Guides and receive an attunement to access this deeper dimension in the Records.